Tanzanite gemstone mining company seeks investors


Australian company seeks investors for two tanzanite gemstone mining operations with huge potential.

Our company is a Tanzanian focused Australian mining company that was incorporated for the purpose of investing into two exciting tanzanite gemstone mining projects.

The company has entered into JV agreements with the respective tanzanite gemstone mine owners whom both have semi-operational tanzanite gemstone mines located in Block-D, Mererani, northern Tanzania. One mine owner is a prominent and well regarded tanzanite gemstone geologist and the other a highly experienced miner.

On the success of raising sufficient funds, the company will begin in conjunction with the mine owners, the refurbishment of mine infrastructure and simultaneously begin aggressive tanzanite gemstone mining activities using modern mining methods in the existing tunnels.

Both mines will be in full production within 8 to 10 months from date of funding.

The cumulative amount needed for this lucrative project is AUD$1.24-million, however a minimum amount of AUD$200-thousand will enable the more advanced mine to begin immediate work in the existing tunnels and will focus on bringing this mine into production in the short term. 

Investors will obtain approximately 25% ownership of the entire project through share subscriptions in the parent company, AfricanCR. The current mine owners will retain a 50% stake in the project through a joint venture with AfricanCR 100% owned Tanzanian subsidiary company.  Management and current shareholders will retain approximately 25% ownership.

The company plans to expand its operations into processing of the gemstones to enhance value and capital return through retail sales.

Significant funds have already been expended on business start-up capital including Joint Venture contracts, local company incorporations and investigative requirements.

Investors holding equity can expect dividends with a return on investment that is commensurate to their shareholding.

All investors must be willing to consider social responsibilities and all global investors are encouraged to respond to this opportunity.