Fatala Gold Project

Southern Mali ♦ Fatala Gold Project ♦ Large-Scale Exploration ♦ Joint Venture

Presented by AfricanCR and LEAD Africa Invest the mandate for the Vendor.

Presentation here: Fatala Gold Project Presentation

Excellent gold concession offered totaling 110 sqkm located in Fatala – Southern Mali.

  • Vendor is seeking serious investors or buyer groups for the following concession.
  • Price and terms are negotiable.

The Fatala gold prospect extends between:

  • Meridian lines 7° 51’ 47” West and 7° 47’ 23” West; and
  • Parallel lines 10° 29’ 10” North and 10° 37’ 57” North.

It has an area of approximately 110 km² and is within the administrative of Filamana.

There are 4 Gold anomalies evident across structural controls like those exhibited in surrounding discoveries.

The Kalana gold deposit (3.06 Moz measured and indicated at 4.14 g/t combined) is approximately 25km to the WNW of the Fatala lease.

The Kalana NI43-101 Technical Report dated March 2016 can be downloaded here NI43-101 Kalana Technical Report 2016 AvnelGold

The Concession


The review of the geochemical map of the gold Manankoro sheet shows inside the prospect Fatala has four exciting anomalies areas. Some of these anomalies appear as structural controls.

From the structural point of view, the formations of the southern Mali region are dominated by NNE -SSW structures. These directions are related to S Series Birimian located in the basin of the Bagoé and Birimian Basin Baoule, which is the area where the permit is located.

Geological Background: From 1964 to 1965, the SONAREM (National Society of Mining Research) with the help of technical assistance from Soviets conducted an aeromagnetic survey in southern Mali, which has uncovered the tectonic fault Banifing. The fault is through the project area and appears on the satellite photos of the region.

SONAREM also performs alluvial prospecting for Gold and Diamond in the basin of the Bagoé. The results of this campaign have concluded that the region (the basin) was particularly good gold prospect. They have also undertaken the systematic study of gold resources in the region. This study has established a schematic geological map at 1/200000 where many deposits, gold occurrences in rocks and placer (alluvial eluvial) are supported.

The deposits and gold occurrences in rocks are in three major tectonic zones of NW directions, called:

  • Kalana Node: it includes two deposits (Kalana +Moz and Kodiéran +Moz) and twenty other gold occurrences, all located on the left bank of the river Ouassoulou – Balé between parallels 10° 30′ N and 11° 00′ N; The license area is in this node.
  • Zamanako – Bogofara Node: it brings together some five gold showings (three -Bogofara around the village, and Zamana and Bereko);
  • Baniogalé Node: it has about a dozen anomalies to the west of the City Yanfolila between the parallel 11 ° 00′ N and 11 ° 20′ N.


In 1979-1988, through a Financing Agreement between Mali and the UNDP (UN Development Program), was created the project “Gold Bagoé”. ‘ From the same year the project “Gold Bagoé” began a geological and geochemical reconnaissance of the entire southern region of Mali. This work allowed the discovery of geochemical gold anomalies such as those Barakoba to Tabakoroni to Kéléyaga to Fouguéle South and the Golden House Syama.

2006 to 2000 the Sysmin project, financed by the EDF (European Fund for Development, made the compilation of the former resulting in the publishing of geological and geochemical maps of the topographical sheet Manankoro on what is the prospect of FATALA which shows inside the prospect Fatala that it has four exciting Gold anomalies areas.


Vendor Comments that the analysis and interpretation of geochemical, geophysical and geological work on permit Fatala has led to the following conclusions:

Given the results, the significant aspect of the license is the arrangement of the soil geochemical anomalies. The anomaly NE-SW axis corresponds best with the regional trends and that the anomalies detected are discrete, their arrangement according to the structural direction is clearly identifiable.

Little information is currently available, in terms of assemblages and alteration minerals present in the area Fatala, except for the presence of quartz veins given the nature of the geological environment.

Auriferous epithermal origin of concentration and identified alteration zones typically associated it this type of mineralization are a strong argument for further research.

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