Kowa Gold Project

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Presented by AfricanCR Ltd (ACN 162 704 047) and LEAD Africa Invest the mandate for the Vendor.

Located in the Kolwezi District of the DR Congo, about 55km NW of Kolwezi.

Placer and lode.

This permit (15.2km2), which is part of an old request for an Exploitation License (DPE 165) of Gécamines, has had the advantage of the existence of preliminary work done by the Tanganyika Concession Limited (TCL) and Union Minière Haut Katanga (UMHK) in the last century. Since the abandonment of the research work and exploitation by UMHK, the site has seen a small scale mining operation in the past three decades targeting alluvial zones. Hard rock has been left alone due to artisan workers preferring easy alluvial workings.

The license is located on the western flank of the anticline Busanga. Quartz veins oriented NE-SW are in the majority flanked by the shale and interbedded calschistes and have a contact metamorphic area. These shales have undergone silicification more or less intense. According to the geological and mining studies completed since the last century, gold was found all over the Kowa polygon. Significant gold enrichment is observed within the Kowa license and observed relatively rich in wells drilled. The gold veins have two orientation directions which are most of NE-SW and others are perpendicular to the first with a NW-SE direction.

The ancient works, carried out in the polygon Kowa are prospecting by trenches, shafts and galleries and manual operation as listed in the various documents in vendor possession. There is a enormous amount of history of gold discovery and exploitation in the Kowa area.

Geological field observations show that the mineralization is localized in formations Kibaran covering much of the license in its northern part. The different facies observed, samples collected and analyzed, operating work performed to the early 30s by the UMHK and ongoing artisanal operations confirm the presence of gold in quartz imprisoned for lode gold. Gold is also present in placer located mainly in the northwest area of the permit.

Sampling on the license returned values of more than 5 g/t with peaks exceeding 100 g/t are very common. This shows a moderately significant potential for gold in the permit.

A report is available with a summary of knowledge from different work in the small mine operating permit to date operating license that is a part of the gold polygon called Kowa of UMHK. 

This prospect has enormous amount of evidence of past and current gold mineralisation and exploitation. The vendor is looking for a JV partner to develop the license to its full potential.

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