DRC Investment Opportunities

Lucrative Mineral Leases Available

Presented by AfricanCR and LEAD Africa Invest the mandate for the Vendors.

Several very good Mineral Leases are now available for Investment in the DRC, Africa.

AfricanCR has extensive valuable intellectual property and business relationships within the local, national and international mining industry sector , particularly within many countries in Africa. Utilizing those relationships we are now pleased to offer potential Investors access to the lucrative mineral sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”).  

Right now we have DRC Vendors that are considering investments globally for their respective assets. Current available assets include properties prospective for various minerals including Cobalt, Copper, Gold and Diamonds.  Referral or introduction of Vendor Assets are available that could be of interest to potential Investors to give the Investors an opportunity to make a successful joint venture, merge, investment, sourcing or raising of funds / finance or sale of any assets if applicable.

Image: Map of DRC and its provinces.

After more than fifty years of colonisation, the third largest country on the African continent gained its independence in 1960. Since then foreign investors have never ceased coming back to the DRC because there exists an attraction to this country, empowered with a vast potential wealth, amongst entrepreneurs coming from all over the globe. The DRC is a vast state area in the heart of Africa, due to its surface area of 2,345,410 km and large population of 77+ million people.

With over 1,100 minerals and precious metals identified, the DRC has the potential to become one of the richest economies on the African continent and a driver of African growth. All kinds of minerals are found here: diamond, gold, tantalite, copper, cobalt, tin, iron, petroleum, methane gas, manganese, coal, bauxite, asphalt schist, etc.

AfricanCR can help potential Investors to find and secure the right business opportunity.

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