About Us

AfricanCR Ltd (ACN 162 704 047) was incorporated as a public unlisted company in Western Australia on the 6th of March 2013 for the purpose of investing into the many and varied business opportunities rapidly evolving in Africa.

The Board of Directors primary goal is to establish the company as a highly successful and commercially profitable enterprise. To do this effectively, we consider and believe that conducting business in Africa must be done with a high level of integrity and openness, particularly in our dealings with all stakeholders. This we believe is paramount to having a successful business in Africa.  Our company officers, management and employees take those obligations very seriously.

Tanzanite Rough

Utilizing the professional services of our in-country directors and contacts, we have established a firm business presence in Africa and have formed good working relationships with various industry connected professionals both in Australia and Africa whom have a strong interest in the lucrative business opportunities available for FDI.

The Board and Management of AfricanCR continue to look for new and exciting projects available in Africa to partner with.